eLearning Projects

Introduction To The Metaverse (eLearning)

Berkshire Cryptoway (name changed for NDA purposes) noticed that their financial analysts were lacking the necessary knowledge about the Metaverse. This led to missed investment opportunities and tens of millions of dollars in lost potential gains for their clients.

After analyzing the problem, I confirmed that the analysts lacked knowledge so I decided to design and develop a short eLearning course to familiarize them with key concepts related to the Metaverse.

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Pitching 101 (eLearning)

G Combinator (name changed for NDA purposes) noticed that people in their startup program didn't know how to write cold emails with good open and response rates. This meant they were missing out on critical investment opportunities because they couldn't reach the right people and get their attention.

After analyzing the performance problem, I decided to create a short eLearning course and teach them key concepts and techniques for writing "cold" emails with impressive open and reply rates.

Can you save Yahoo from themselves? (eLearning)

In this story-driven, scenario-based eLearning, you will travel back in time and play your role as an advisor to Jerry and David (the founders of Yahoo). Your decisions will determine if Yahoo will become a $100B company...or fail miserably.


Warehouse Processes Quiz (Interaction)

This is an interactive quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to test learners' knowledge about the different SOPs inside and outside of the warehouse.


Abducted Cow (Game)

This is a short interactive game where you have to save Missy the Cow from the aliens who are trying to take her. Your job is to beat them at a words game. Fail to do so and she'll be gone forever.