Our eLearning development process...


Needs Analysis

The Needs Analysis helps us to uncover the project's main goals and who the target audience is. Questions about the learner characteristics and context, the actual structure of the course as well as the kind of resources that will be needed are covered at this stage.


Text-Based Storyboard

A storyboard is simply a written document that outlines the learning content, slide-by-slide. The purpose of a storyboard is to provide you with a preview of how the content will be presented. The storyboard also gives reviewers the opportunity to easily make edits and change the course content before we begin development.


Visual Prototype

Before we start developing your course in Storyline, we will first design the layout of each slide, add all the brand colors, graphics, text, and navigation. This will allow you and the stakeholders to review the overall look and feel of the course. This step ensures we won't have to make costly and unpredicted edits to the course later.



After we have a green light from you on the storyboard and the visual prototype, we'll begin developing the course in Articulate Storyline. We did a lot of the heavy lifting before, so you shouldn't expect any surprises. When we are done, you'll have a fully functioning prototype of the course to review with the stakeholders.


Feedback & Iterations

After receiving your feedback on the first version of the course, we'll implement all suggested changes and recommendations. We'll give you 2 rounds of reviews to ensure every single stakeholder has seen and approved the course.


Final Delivery

When all suggestions have been implemented and we have a sign-off from every stakeholder, we'll deliver the .SCORM package to you, together with all the assets we've used and the project file. This will allow you to make slight changes to the course if needed without having to commission us for it.