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How To Create A Custom Drag-N-Drop Interaction In Articulate Storyline

Drag & Drop interactions are a very engaging way to test learners' knowledge and make them interact with the course in an active way. For this particular tutorial, we're going to build an interaction where people have to sort different trash items to the right bin.


How To Create A 3D Interactive Button In Articulate Storyline

Interactive and 3D buttons are very popular in the web design space. Although we can't recreate all of them in Articulate Storyline because of technical limitations, we'll use this 3D button as a great starting point.

How To Create A Custom Countdown Timer In Articulate Storyline

Countdown timers are a great way to introduce urgency and excitement to your eLearning. After watching this tutorial, you'll take your regular quiz slides to the next level by adding a cool countdown timer.

3 Types Of Progress Bars You Can Create In Articulate Storyline

Progress bars are a very engaging way to show learners how much progress they've made. It also probably gives them a light dopamine boost, but I can't prove it with science so you just have to believe me.